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Korean Twitch streamer Giannie Lee posts response to being racially mocked

A South Korean streamer is having some unfortunate run-ins while she is staying in Berlin, Germany. Giannie Lee, who streams on Twitch, was in Germany for TwitchCon when she fell in love with the country. She was so happy with the place she decided to extend her visit to Germany to a month. The same day she canceled her flight to South Korea to take in more of Germany’s culture, she was racially mocked for being Asian. As she was eating in a German restaurant, two German men invaded her space and pulled their eyes back making fun of her.

Even though she was racially mocked, she’s kept a positive outlook on the situation and Germany. After the incident, she was flooded with support and many Germans apologized for their countrymen. Her comment section filled up with people criticizing Berlin, Germany and she thought that was unfair. ‘I was sad to see some people criticizing the whole city for one “uncomfortable” clip,’ she wrote on her Instagram.

Twitch streamer Giannie Lee followed this up by criticizing her home country South Korea and praising her Twitch followers.

“There were many difficult situations when I was streaming in Korea. I often had to be kicked out of somewhere and criticized for speaking in English even though I was Korean.” she wrote. “Those things made me cry a lot, sometimes angry, and my twitch friends always comforted me.”  

She credited her Twitch friends for making her into a better person. “If I looked nice to someone, it’s because my twitch community has grown me into a good person,” she wrote. “And my twitch friends are the best teachers who give me good advice to deal with under any circumstances.”

She continued by saying how “grateful” she is of the “Berliners” who are just so kind. “The people of Berlin always wave to me with a lovely smile…Since my clip became known to people, I have received messages of apology and support from countless Germans. They’re apologizing to me for not their fault.

“How could you be kinder than this? I am happy every day to stay in Berlin.”

twitch giannie lee
Instagram: Giannie Lee

Guess Giannie Lee is enjoying her stay in Berlin even though she had some unfortunate incidents. Good for her and hope she has a great month there.

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