Kung Fu hustle 2

Kung Fu Hustle 2 and Lazy Rich Asians

Stephen Chow says its a go and some Lazy Rich Asians are coming to the small screen

Kung Fu Hustle 2 seems to be a go

Everyone rejoice, Kung Fu Hustle 2 is coming to a theater near you soon, maybe. Stephan Chow has confirmed that he’s working on the sequel to his hit film Kung Fu Hustle while doing a Q & A in Guangzhou to promote his latest film The New King of Comedy, reports Coconuts. When a fan asked him about the beloved film he replied, “Yes! Actually, it won’t be so much a Kung Fu Hustle 2; it would be a modern day kung fu story set in a foreign country and have its own standalone story, but it will have a similar direction and concept as Kung Fu Hustle.” Sounds good because the first movie was a kung fu gangster comedy so if he can keep it in the same spirit it’ll be a joy to watch. But is Stephen Chow just teasing us?

Kung Fu Hustle originally came out in 2004 and became a smash hit. It takes place in Shanghai in the 1930s and is about Sing played by Chow trying to become an Axe Gang member. If you haven’t seen it go watch it because it’s one of the most fun movies I have ever watched. Ever since the movie blew up internationally, Chow has been asked if there ever will be a sequel. In 2005 he told the press that he’s working on a sequel but it never formulated for some reason. So once again is Stephen Chow just teasing us about Kung Fu Hustle 2. Well, I hope not because I would really like to see the follow-up.

“Lazy Rich Asians” is getting closer to coming to a small screen near you maybe

Crazy Rich Asians for the big screen and now Lazy Rich Asians for the small screen. The EW is reporting that Jessica Gao’s sitcom comedy has been ordered to pilot. The story is about “Janet Zhao, a first-generation Chinese-American woman who struggles to set healthy boundaries with her crazy, exhausting family. When her wealthy grandmother dies and names Janet the sole inheritor, she suddenly finds herself the unwilling new matriarch of the family she’s spent her life trying to keep at arm’s length.” The show has not been officially named but it’s working title as of now is “Lazy Rich Asians.”

The show was created by Jessica Gao who recently won an Emmy for writing the “Pickle Rick” episode for the animated show “Rick and Morty.” The single-camera show is being produced by ABC Studios and CBS TV Studios. This makes another Asian based television that has the chance to be greenlit this year. If it gets a series order it will join the ranks of Awkwafina’s new show which already has a series order.

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