Kylie Moy

Kylie Moy And Her Father Goes Viral By Using Puns In Hilarious Video

Internet personality Kylie Moy and her father went viral after she posted a video of their trip to the supermarket. At the grocery store, Kylie Moy uses puns to crack her father up. Her father ends up joining in on the fun and the two are seen laughing as they do their grocery shopping. This is some serious father-daughter relationship goals. The cute and hilarious video has been retweeted over 100,000 times and has over 320,000 likes.

Kylie Moy
Instagram: Kyliemoy

“Are you nuts?” Kylie asks her father as she holds onto a bag of nuts causing the both of them to break out into laughter.

Kylie Moy

“You’re the apple of my eye,” she says holding an apple.

Kylie Moy

“Orange you glad I came,” she says holding an orange. To which her father replies. “No,” he says shaking his head, “I’m sure not.”

Kylie Moy

“Bao down b**ches,” she says holding some dumplings.

Kylie Moy

Her father joins in on the fun and starts using puns of his own. “I’m going to beat you up,” he says holding some beets.

Kylie Moy

“Do you know hummus I love you?” she tells him holding some hummus.

Kylie Moy

She then shows him some sausages and he asks, “What’s that about? What joke do you have, this one?” She replies cracking up “Nice to meat you.”

Kylie Moy

“I’m not taking you shopping anymore,” he says, “…Oh, don’t you start that s**t again. C’mon, next time don’t be bringing her. What’s wrong with you?” Both of them seemed exhausted from laughing.

What an amazing relationship these two have. The two seem to really enjoy each other’s company. Nothing beats laughing with your family.

Check out the whole video below.

To check out more of Kylie’s hilarious videos with her father check out her Youtube channel here. Follow her Instagram Kyliemoy and her father’s Instagram tanktopmoy.

All Photos courtesy of Kylie Moy.

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