Lana Condor To Start Foundation To Pay For Vietnamese Girls To Go To School

To all the boy's i've love before



Lana Condor the star of the Netflix movie To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before has created a scholarship fund partnering with the nonprofit organization, The Asia Foundation to help one girl from Can Tho, Vietnam pay for her schooling. Condor who was born in Vietnam but came to the United States by adoption felt the urge to help the less fortunate in her home country. She hopes this will be the first of many girls she helps in the future.


Lana was born in Can Tho, Vietnam and was adopted by an American family when she was 4 months old. She moved around a lot but eventually settled in Los Angeles. While moving around she always wanted to be an actor but being in Los Angeles changed the game for her. She could finally go out and audition for movie roles now that she lived so close to the movie studios.

Lana landed her first role as Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse. She finished school early and missed prom and graduation but she has no regrets. Candor saw her dreams and went for it. She later was disappointed when she saw the movie and she saw a lot of her scenes were cut out. But a spark ignited in her to work harder because she knew Asians were the odd man out. Representation and the roles she took now had new meaning. She knew being Asian, there would be a heavy load for her to bear but she liked the challenge.

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Candor landed some small roles but her dream role came when Jenny Han’s novel To All the Boy’s Loved Before turned into a movie. She nailed the auditions and now she’s the face of the movie considered to be the return of the teenage rom-com.


With the fame and money she’s earned she has now turned back to the country that gave her birth. She tells NBC News that she started a scholarship that will pay for a Vietnamese girl’s education for four years. The money will cover the student’s every need including books, food, and transportation. She believes this will be the start of many girls she hopes to help in the future

“I’m so fortunate that I’m living the life I have today… I always have moments on set where I think ‘oh my God, this is my life right now’ And it could’ve been so different,” she told NBC News

A couple of us at Hopclear found there was a lot of problems with To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before and June Lee wrote why he thought the book and movie was a white worshipping mess. Also, Lana got dragged by the LGBT community for comparing her interracial relationship to the struggles of gay people by Pride. Still, even with Lana feeling the ups and downs of fame it’s been great to see a 20-year-old carry her self with such admirable qualities. I hope she gets to become a bigger star and fulfills her dreams of helping more girls in Vietnam.


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