Levi's Philippines Commercial

Levi’s Philippines Commercial Got Filipinos All Tearing Up

A Levi’s commercial in the Philippines has gone viral after it has melted the hearts of many Filipinos. The video which was posted on the Levi’s Philippines Facebook page has garnered over 1.9 million views, over 2600 comments, and over 28,000 shares. The commercial is an ad for designing your own Levi’s products with custom embroidery for the upcoming Christmas season.

The commercial starts with a man entering a Levi’s store and picking out a denim jacket.

Levi's Philippines Commercial

He looks back to see some customers customizing their jackets with their own style.

Levi's Philippines Commercial

He decides he wants to customize the jacket so he heads over to the tailor. The tailor suggests some designs, but the man turns it down and instructs the tailor he wants beads on the sleeve of the jacket.

Levi's Philippines Commercial

The tailor understands and gets to work. The man looks happy with the product and it cuts to him putting the jacket on his son at his home.

Levi's Philippines Commercial 

His son runs his hands over the beads and the son says, “Anywhere you go, Andyan lagi si papa (papa is always with you)”, reports Coconuts Manila

Levi's Philippines Commercial

It turns out the beads are braille and his son is blind!

Levi's Philippines Commercial

The father says, “Merry Christmas Andyan” and they hug.

Levi's Philippines Commercial

Like OMG!!! Are you crying? No? Me neither but there were many Filipinos who shed some tears.

Cha Cambil commented, “Ds brought tears to my eyes. A reminder that, gifts isn’t about brands. It’s something that came from our hearts.. but I’d rader buy Levi’s for its quality tho. Nice Ad!♥️ “

John Dalman commented, “It melts my heart. 😭💔.. This TV Ad truly defines love. Well done, Levi’s”

Marijampole Urim commented, “Touched by this commercial 😢😢 got broken and moved 💔Loren Dela Cruz short and precise but meaningful. Thank you Levi’s it is more of a heart not only an ad for promotion of your great old jeans but also giving importance to special ones. Merry Christmas! ❤ God bless us all”

Marian Antes Habla commented “It makes me happy and sad at the same time… Happy because your commercial shows how a father shows his love towards his son but sad also because you can actually see the genuine affection of father and son to each other and how they value their relationship…❤️❤️❤️”

Check out the video below:


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