leyna bloom
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Leyna Bloom becomes first trans woman of color to lead movie in Cannes

Trans activist and model, Leyna Bloom, will make history at the Cannes film festival. The Filipina and African actress will be the first trans woman of color to lead a movie premiering at Cannes in its 72-year history, according to Out. Bloom stars in “Port Authority” a movie produced by Martin Scorsese.

“For me, this is really like that Halle Berry moment when she won that Oscar for Monster’s Ball – I know that it’s a moment that should have happened a long time ago,” Bloom told Out. “When I first heard that we were premiering at Cannes, I really had to think about all of the women that paved the way that should have also gone, all the women who could have been in a movie and could have played a role like this.”

β€œThis is a moment that so many people dream of.”

Leyna Bloom was born to a Filipina mother and an African American father in Chicago. Born a male, Bloom knew as a child that she wanted to become a woman.

leyna bloom
Instagram: leynabloom

Bloom eventually made the transition and is now killing it in the modeling game. In 2014, she came out as a transgender model and became the first trans woman of color to appear in Vogue India. She is most famous for her Twitter campaign to be the first trans woman to work with Victoria’s Secret.

leyna bloom
Instagram: leynabloom

“Port Authority,” is a movie written and directed by Danielle Lessovitz. The movie is a New York love story that revolves around Wye (Bloom) and Paul in the Kiki ballroom scene. When Paul arrives in New York, he falls for Wye and the two fall in love, but he doesn’t know she’s trans. Once he finds out, he has to confront his own prejudices and those around him, according to Deadline.

Damian Bao, who helped cast the project told Out, “It’s really a love story about two different cultures, and different scenes clashing together. We chose Leyna because we wanted to do the most authentic casting possible, and we wanted to honor the ballroom culture.

“There’s nothing more authentic to pay tribute than to cast someone from that community and she embodies the spirit of the character.”

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