Lil Tay Cries After Being Forced To Live With Father

Lil Tay Cries After Being Forced To Live With Father Alledgedly

Lil Tay, the 9-year-old rapper who skyrocketed to fame earlier this year over social media as “the youngest flexer in the game,” ended up mysteriously disappearing. But someone who claims to have known Lil Tay and her mother alleges that she was taken from her mother by her father by court order in June.

Lil Tay was famous for shocking viewers by bragging about how much money she had while she waved cash around. “I’m only nine years old but I’m richer than all yall broke ass haters,” she said in a video while puffing on a breadstick. “I’m a 9-year-old millionaire and I be smoking dope b**ch. Shut your mouth before I smack you.”

It turned out all of that was a lie reports the Blast. Her mother Angela Tian was behind the little girl’s outrageous antics. The mother allegedly wanted to get her daughter famous so that she could start making some real money. However, in her pursuit to get her daughter famous, more and more people got outraged by the little girl’s actions.

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The outrage reached her place of work at Pacific Place Group where she worked as a realtor. Angela ended up quitting before she was fired reports the Daily Hive. Additionally, the luxury car and penthouse apartment Lil Tay was seen in weren’t even hers. It was Angela boss’s car and his penthouse listing that Lil Tay was using in her videos. Soon Lil Tay disappeared from the spotlight and many wondered where Lil Tay was.

Lil Tay Cries After Being Forced To Live With Father
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But now someone who has control of Lil Tay’s Instagram is telling all. And this person is alleging that Lil Tay’s father was the reason that she disappeared. The person also alleged that her father, Christopher John Hope, is an abusive father that cheated on her mother. In one post, Lil Tay is seen crying as her father is in the background.

The post claims that Christoper John Hope would have Lil Tay’s mother arrested if Lil Tay wasn’t at his home at a certain time. It also claims that Hope abused Lil Tay for years while they were living together.

In another post, the person states that Christopher John Hope and Angela Tien separated due to him cheating on Angela. Once they separated, when Lil Tay stayed with her father, the poster claimed that Hope abused her by not feeding her proper meals,  “locking her in a dark closet for hours at a time for no reason”, and sleeping with women in front of Tay, which led to Lil Tay to become depressed. This led to Angela receiving full custody of their child. Lil Tay started to become happy once again after she started to get famous.

The poster claimed that the only reason Christopher John Hope wanted Lil Tay back was because of her fame and to put her back in a depressed state.

In the following posts, the poster claimed that Hope and his new wife physically and mentally abused Lil Tay.

In another post, the poster claimed that Hope had two wives at the same time, one in Canada and another in China.

I don’t know what to believe or which parent is right. This might even be some kind of stunt, but what Lil Tay needs is better parents.




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