Magician Shin Lim Wowed The World On America’s Got Talent

Magician Shin Lim wowed the world on America's Got Talent
Photo: America's Got Talent


Magician Shin Lim wowed the world on America’s Got Talent using smoke and playing cards. The award-winning magician baffled the models Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum with his sleight of hand magic tricks. The Singaporean born Chinese magician learned how to do magic watching YouTube videos and now teaches others how to do his tricks.

Shin Lim who is currently living in Boston started practicing card tricks when his older brother showed him one. He asked his older brother how he did it and his older brother told him to watch YouTube. He did and quickly he went from learning to showing off his own tricks on YouTube.

Lim was also talented in music and had been going to the school of Music at Lee University when he was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. This made it almost impossible to continue with music due to the pain he would endure while practicing piano. Lucky for Shim his true passion lied in magic and he decided to drop out of school and pursue his magic career full time.

After winning many awards he went on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and was successful in fooling the magicians. Penn Jillette said, “The idea of doing card tricks — which are silly at their very core — really seriously and really, really importantly is wonderful.” The video of his appearance on the show has garnered more than 50 million views on YouTube.

Shin uses music in combination with his card tricks while he usually stays silent. He compares his performances to movies such as Birdman, Inception, and Transformers.

“If you watch a really really good movie, the music in it is what makes the movie. And a good composer is able to compose the score in such a way that they can make it flow with whatever is happening in the movie. It’s the same exact route in my magic. It’s kind of creating an emotion with music,” he told the Boston Globe.

Shin who has amazed the world with his magic tricks is currently in the semi-finals on America’s Got Talent. And you can check out his website at


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