Makeup Artist To The Stars Daniel Martin Under Fire For Posting Picture Of A Woman Putting On Makeup

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Makeup artist to the stars Daniel Martin is getting some heat after posting up a picture of a woman doing makeup on his Instagram. The picture which shows a woman doing her makeup on a New York City subway has sparked a debate on whether Daniel was in the right to post a picture of someone without their permission reports the DailyMail. Daniel Martin is a brand ambassador for Dior, who counts Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Moss, and Meghan Markle as a few of his clients. His most famous work is doing Meghan Markle’s makeup on her wedding day to Prince Harry.

Daniel Martin

Martin posted the picture on his Instagram with the caption, “I have so much respect watching women on the subway do their makeup. The fact that they steadily handle each application with precision in a moving car blows my mind too. GRANTED, it’s not always hygienic, but mad props to the skills #tgif world! #newyorkers #hustle”

woman doing makeup
Photo: Instagram Daniel Martin

The post that went out to his 112 thousand followers started a lively debate on the issue of privacy. His comment section filled up with people who were angry at Daniel who felt he invaded this woman’s privacy

@Lucianocarro wrote, “I never understood how people think it’s ok to take a candid picture of someone they don’t even know and post it on their social media.”

@m_moxx wrote, “I’d smack you if you posted my pic without permission”

While others defended Daniel.

@bklyncontessa wrote, “… umm being on a train is being out in public. You have zero expectation of privacy on the subway”

@xxadams_mommyxx_ wrote, “Taking candid pics can be amazing…I’ve seen lots of one’s where for example someone caught an engagement pic and used it on social media to find the couple. Then they get an amazing pic of one of the most special times in their lives. He hasn’t said anything bad, this is very cute and thoughtful. Look you can either think positively or negatively, that’s your own choice. However that really just says alot more about you!”

It didn’t take long before Daniel Martin engaged in the conversation and snapped back at all those who were criticizing him. “How dare you shame me on my account! If you have challenges with it, roll your eyes, curse my name to your self and scroll on! You criticizing me publicly only makes your trollin a** worse! From your account, it seems that’s all you do anyway! No posts on your account and “private” equals BULLY!!”

Daniel has since taken the post down. I guess the heat got to him. Now I don’t see anything wrong with the picture and your expectation of privacy goes down to pretty much nil when you’re out in public. However, it would have been nice if Daniel did ask the woman if he could take her picture knowing her face would get blasted to thousands of people.


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