Man Breaks Vending Machine To Steal Blow Up Sex Doll

A man was caught on surveillance video breaking a vending machine so he could steal a blow-up sex doll. The footage which was taken at a shop in the Guangdong city of Yangjang in China has blown up on Chinese social networks. Dressed in a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and slippers this man was ready for some action. Unfortunately for him, there were no takers so he did what we all would have done. So lets not judge.

The man, lonely and in desperate need of some loving decided that his hand was just not enough for him that night. The man walks into the store and pretends to look at the food vending machine first to throw off anyone that might be looking.

sex doll

It’s sort of like when I buy condoms and lotion but don’t want the cashier to think I’m some pervert so I buy some other stuff like glue and avocados to throw the cashier off. It never works so I’m just glad there are self-checkout machines. Who says automation is all bad.

self checkout
I still feel like the robots are judging me

However, he did put that hand to good use by MMA hammer fisting the plastic window with some kind of hard object knocking the window out.

mma hammer fist

Victorious he grabs the blow-up sex doll and takes off to who knows where to make sweet love to it.

sex doll 2
Your mine girl

sex doll3

According to the People’s Daily, this is the third time the exact same vending machine was robbed of a sex doll. Authorities don’t know if it’s the same guy or three different guys. But if it is three different guys it seems like a good business opportunity to open up a sex doll brothel like the one in Canada.

Check out the whole video at Weibo.

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