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Man gets buff doing the One-Punch Man challenge

One-Punch Man is a Japanese webcomic about a hero who can theoretically knock out a solar system with just one punch. However, Saitama uses his one punch power to knock out villains who are trying to destroy the earth. To maintain this one punch knock out ability, Saitama has a rigorous daily exercise. That exercise is 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10 K run (6 miles). Doesn’t seem like much, considering the power he has, but exercising every day adds up. A fan of the comic, Sean Seah decided to use the One-Punch Man challenge exercise routine to get into shape and the results are spectacular, reports Kotaku.

one punch man
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Sean Seah is an investor who was out of shape and wanted to attain a nice body. The 40-year-old, who weighed 155 pounds before the One-Punch Man challenge, decided to record his progress and upload it on his Facebook page. At first, he didn’t do the full One-Punch Man workout routine because he was out of shape, but he quickly escalated. Initially, he got some good results, however, he hit a plateau but he didn’t quit. Instead, he went harder and in thirty days, he wasn’t quite a hero, but he looked like one.

sean seah
Facebook: Sean Seah

His pot belly was now gone and in its place was a six-pack. His arms were bigger and his chest was more defined. Sean Seah went from a mush body to having a rock hard figure. And his progress videos have garnered millions of views.

Of course, exercise wasn’t the only factor in his success. Diet was also important so he had to make some big changes. Instead of the unhealthy food he usually ate, he would eat three healthy meals a day, like One-Punch Man. This would mean he would have to cut out sugar, soda, fried food, and reduce his carbs.

Good job to Sean Seah for sticking to the exercise and getting buff. He is truly an inspiration.

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