Yang Zanyun
Photo: AP

Man Plows Into A Crowded Plaza Killing 11 people And Injuring 44 Others

A 54-year-old man named Yang Zanyun went on a killing spree on Wednesday night at Hengdong county in China. Using his SUV he crashed into a large group in a crowded area before he exited his car to go on a stabbing spree. He ended up killing 11 people and injuring 44 others reports SCMP.

The central plaza was packed with people when Yang plowed his red SUV into the crowd at around 7:40 p.m on Wednesday. Panic ensued as people tried to get out of the SUV’s way while others witnessing the chaos started to scream. The SUV came to a stop and that’s when Yang got out with a knife and shovel and started to stab people. The police arrived and arrested the disgruntled man.

Police officers found out that Yang had a history of illegal activities. Yang had served 10 years in prison for drug trafficking, arson, and robbery. Police believe that Yang decided to go on a killing rampage because he wanted to “get revenge on society.”

Many people who were there posted up footage of the aftermath. In the video, bodies are on the street bloody and lifeless as Paramedics attend to their needs. China has seen an uptick of disgruntled men going on rampages.


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