Kenneth Wong
NYPD / NY Daily News

Man slashed by knife and viciously attacked in Brooklyn

A 38-year-old government worker was viciously attacked and robbed by a group of men as he made his way home. Kenneth Wong was walking on Chestnut St in Brooklyn, New York, around 5 pm on Friday when he was jumped. Surveillance video obtained by the New York Daily News caught the horrific attack as it unfolded.

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Kenneth Wong was walking to his house when one of the suspects came up behind him and slashed the back of his head with a knife. Another assailant punched him in the head and he fell to the ground and tried to cover up. While he was on the ground, an assailant repeatedly kicked him in his head. Meanwhile, the suspect who punched Wong went through his pockets and robbed him of his wallet.

Wong had around $20, several credit cards, and his driver license in his wallet.

“I was on my way work from work, I just was going back to my house and the next thing you know, these guys came right up beside me and decided to attack me and stole my wallet,” Wong told the NY Daily News.

The father of two said that the event was “traumatizing” but he felt “lucky” to be alive.

“I was thinking if I will live to see my kids,” he said. “This hopefully is a freak occurrence.¬†

Wong was taken to the local hospital where doctors found the knife slash on the back of his head went all the way to his skull. He received 35 stitches and 16 staples in his head. Additionally, he had a broken nose.

kenneth wong

Investigators told Wong that the suspects spent $200 on his credit card at a McDonalds after the attack. They also used Wong’s credit card at a Dunkin Donuts, a grocery store, and a deli.

Brooklyn attack
Kenenth Wong

“I’d rather have guys apprehended so they’re not in the neighborhood and everyone’s safer,” he said. “It’s traumatizing watching (the footage), watching myself getting hit like that, but if it helps the greater community .. I just care about other people’s safety.”

Wong has been living in the Brooklyn neighborhood for over a year and generally feels it’s a safe place. He’s hoping the surveillance video will help in identifying the suspects. Police believe all five suspects are teenagers or in their early twenties.

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