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Man swallows AirPod and uses it again once it comes out the other end

Well, this is quite a disgusting story, to say the least. A Taiwanese man accidentally ate his Airpod and now he’s using it again after he pooped it out. When Ben Hsu fell asleep, he had his AirPods still on. When he woke up, he noticed that one of his AirPods was missing, reports the Daily Mail. How he ate it, no one knows, but he ate one.

Not knowing where his AirPod disappeared to, he used his iPhone tracking device to locate the missing piece. Following the beeps, he came upon a strange discovery. “I checked under my blanket and looked around but couldn’t find it – then I realized the sound was coming from my stomach,” he said.

Although he wasn’t in any pain, he rushed to Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital to get a doctors opinion. At the hospital, they confirmed that he indeed swallowed his AirPod.

The doctors didn’t think it was dangerous even though the AirPod had a battery inside. If the intestines touched the battery, it could have caused his intestines to ruptures.

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However, the battery was under protective plastic so doctors didn’t think it was an emergency situation. So they gave him some laxatives to encourage it to naturally come out. Dr. Chen Chieh-fan said, “Because of the plastic shell around the AirPod, the risk of causing him harm in a similar way to swallowing a regular lithium-ion battery is much lower.”

And it worked for the Taiwanese Navy recruiter. The next day, he got the urge to go and took a dump at a railway station. The disgusting part is that he went through his feces to find his AirPod and he recorded it.

The best part is that after he washed it, the AirPod still worked. “The battery was still at 41 percent! It was incredible,” he said.

Gross man, just gross. But it still beats getting ripped off by Apple, so good for him.

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