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Movie Script Is Being Blasted Because It Makes Fun Of Asian Males With White Females

An unknown movie script is being dragged by the internet for its racially insensitive remark making fun of Asian males. Writer and comedian Joel Kim Booster posted on his Twitter @ihatejoelkim a picture of a movie script with the caption, “Hollywood is poison!!!!”

The script has a scene in which Mia and Cass are joined for dinner by Rachel and Arty. Rachel is a white woman in her mid-20s while Arty is an Asian guy in his late 20s/early 30s. The offensive part that got the internet riled up is when the script says, “Rachel is a white girl. Arty is an Asian guy. A white girl with an Asian guy might seem highly unrealistic… but this is a movie.”

The internet was not happy with the script. The tweet which was posted on October 14, 2018, on 2:12 PM already has over 5000 likes and 445 retweets. Even Seth Rogen chimed in. @Sethrogen replied, “That’s actually written in a script?

seth rogen twitter

Simu Liu @SimuLiu tweeted, “That’s pretty bullsh**t”

simon Liu twitter

@PhotographDr replied, “People think NDAs will protect their racist views.. Not to mention, it literally adds nothing of value to the story..

@JodeneSparks: “Wow not surprised, just disappointed”

jordan sparks twitter

@cydiaflowers: “yikessss”

cydia flowers twitter

Andy Richter @AndyRichter: “Holy f**king yuck”

andy richter twitter

@valerieComplex: “Hollywood always coming thru with their racist bs”

valerie complex twitter

@blue_pointer73: “Very bad. It seems the film industry has some way to go to transform itself. Despite what we have witnessed lately. Shame on you Hollywood.”

very bad complex twitter

@HarrisBalling: “Racist w/ a side of abysmal scripting!”

harriss balling twitter

@pottydown: Was that even necessary? The caucasity.”

pottydown twitter

So far the tweet has gotten over 600 replies mostly condemning the script. While a minority of people claim it was just a joke.

@Chrisbo347 tweeted, “Sounds like a joke written by an asian author as self-deprecation. Seems super unlikely that it’s just the most overtly racist white writer ever.”

kim booster twitter


Joel Kim Booster has not revealed what the name of the script is. This isn’t really that surprising considering the history of Hollywood marginalizing and making fun of Asian males. I’m not even mad anymore. But I guess things are changing for the better. It’s slow but progress is getting made. And if they need to make a movie about an Asian male with a white woman they can base their movie on the Thai caveman.  Additionally, check out Joel Kim Booster at and check out his stand up set below.


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