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Naomi Osaka’s Endorsement Deal With Adidas The Biggest Ever For A Woman

Naomi Osaka’s endorsement deal with Adidas is set to become the biggest endorsement deal the company has ever offered to a woman reports the Business Insider. The deal with Adidas which will be announced soon is around $8.5 million a year. Naomi Osaka who became the US Open champion by defeating her idol Serena Williams is becoming the next “branding sensation” reports the New York Post.

naomi osaka
Photo: Instagram Naomiosakatennis

Naomi Osaka came into the public spotlight after she defeated Serena Williams in a controversial game. The match saw Serena getting points docked after illegal hand coaching, racket breaking, and an argument with the umpire. Naomi Osaka defeated Serena in a dominant fashion but the crowd turned on her and started to boo her making her cry. This led to Serena embracing her and telling the crowd to stop booing. But this led to an unseen amount of attention to the game which would help her leverage a better endorsement deal.

Naomi Osaka’s agent Stuart Duguid told The Times that Naomi’s previous six-figure deal with Adidas will run out soon and her value is extremely high right now considering the attention she’s getting. Additionally considering that she’s half Japanese and half Haitian adds to her value.

naomi osaka and her family
Naomi as a kid with her father and mother Photo: Instagram NaomiOsakaTennis

With the new Adidas deal added to her 3.8 million dollars for winning the US Open and an additional endorsement deal with a car company being negotiated, Naomi will be the second highest paid female athlete in the world. Interesting enough only Serena will be making more money then Naomi. Serena brought in an estimated $18.1 million last year. Serena didn’t win the US  Open but she’s still the Queen of making money for now.

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