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Nicolas Cage yells “she is going to take all my money” about his girlfriend

Good old Nicolas Cage is at it again. There are news reports that the 55-year-old actor, Cage, is going to tie the knot for the fourth time. This time the lucky lady is makeup artist Erika Koike. This comes after his divorce from Alice Kim which led to allegations of abuse against Kim and Cage by his then-girlfriend at the time. It was an absolute mess, but it’s Nicolas Cage, so it’s not that surprising.

erika koike
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Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike were spotted in Las Vegas applying for a marriage license. The two have been spotted in a relationship since last April in Puerto Rico, while he was filming a movie. On Saturday, around 11 am, at the Court House Marriage Licence Bureau in downtown Las Vegas, Cage was seen possibly drunk flipping out about how his girlfriend was going to take all of his money and that her ex-boyfriend was a drug dealer, reports the Daily Mail.

erika koike
Daily Mail

A source for the Daily Mail said that Cage, who was filling out a marriage license, burst out saying, “she is going to take all my money.” and that “her ex is a druggy, her ex is a druggy.”

At one point he yells out “he isn’t doing it” referring to himself not getting married. This prompted Erika Koike to tell him, “I never asked you to do this.” To which Cage smiled and said, “come on, let’s go.”

The two were lead to a private room so that they could fill the papers. And soon the two left the courthouse with a marriage license. There is no set date for their marriage but their marriage license is valid for a year.

There’s isn’t much that is known about Erika Koike except that she’s a 34-year-old make up artist that’s crazy enough to marry Nicolas Cage. These two were a match made in heaven.

UPDATE – 3/29/2019 – Nicolas Cage is asking for an annulment after four days of marriage.

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