Nicolas Cage's Ex-Girlfriend Vickie Park
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Nicolas Cage’s Ex-Girlfriend Vickie Park Claims He And His Ex-Wife Alice Cage Abused Her

Nicolas Cage’s Ex-girlfriend Vickie Park is accusing Nicolas Cage of abuse while they were in Vienna, Austria, attending the Slash Film Festival, on September 20, 2018. She claims he was “severely intoxicated” when the “abuse” happened reports Buzzfeed News. This was revealed in court documents when Vickie filed for a restraining order against Nicolas Cage’s ex-wife Alice Kim, who she claims stalked and harassed her.

Nicolas Cage's Ex-Girlfriend Vickie Park
Hi I’m Nic Cage I’m an Actor

“I am deathly afraid she will continue to harass and stalk me and it may become even worse from here,” she wrote in a petition to secure a restraining order against Kim. Vickie Park claims that Alice was jealous of her beauty. “Her jealousy of my relationship with her ex-husband, my youth and physical appearance has drove her to take these actions of harassment,” Park continues. She writes that Alice manipulated her husband into abusing her. “Her intentions were to subject him into more alcohol abuse and anger towards me while I was alone with him in our hotel room in London, England right after the abuse incident in Vienna, Austria. For my safety and protection of my life, a restraining order against her is more than necessary.”

Vickie Park started dating Nicolas Cage around 2017. This was recently after Cage got divorced from Alice Kim after 11 years of marriage. Vickie claims that Alice stalked her on social media and tried to destroy the relationship. Court documents reveal that Alice sent pictures from Park’s Instagram, with the message, “She is too young for you. This is going to hurt our son Kal.” A prior attempt at obtaining a restraining order against Kim was denied but a new hearing is set on Oct 24.

Nicolas Cage's Ex-Girlfriend Vickie Park
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A representative for Cage called the abuse allegations and charges “absurd.”

Still, Vickie is living in fear. She can’t leave her home and even fears that Alice will steal her pet dog named “Werewolf”, who was a gift from Cage.

“I am afraid and distressed from their toxic relationship being projected onto me, physically and mentally. I am aware that Nicolas is mentally ill and depressed-as long as I continue not responding to him-I believe he will not hurt me ever again,” Park wrote.

Nicolas Cage met Alice Kim at a nightclub she was working at called Le Prive in Koreatown, Los Angeles, when she was 19 in 2004. He was 39 years old at the time but sparks flew between the two. Two months later they were engaged and soon married. Cage recognized not just the 20 year age gap but the difference in cultures. “I made a very clear decision to marry out of my own zip code.” The marriage lasted 11 years until their divorce in 2016. During that time he was charged with domestic violence while he was under the influence of alcohol.

Damn, it looks like after Alice he caught a little “Yellow Fever”. Not only does Nicolas Cage like the zip code, but he likes the neighborhood, the state, and the country. After his divorce from Alice, he was seen hitting on another Asian woman, but it did not go so well for him.

At a Sushi joint in Los Angeles called Sushi Gen, he attempted to flirt with a woman at the counter.

nic cage
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But her husband came back and shut him down reports the Mirror.

Nicolas Cage's Ex-Girlfriend Vickie Park
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This just seems like a story of three nut jobs. But did you expect less from a man who names his kid “Kal El” after Superman’s real name? This guy went broke buying T-Rex heads and castles. Which I admit is pretty cool but still crazy. As for the two women in his life, let’s let Nicolas Cage’s face tell us how he feels about them.

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