Nurse Vilma Wong Discovers Her Coworker Is Baby She Saved 28 Years Ago

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Neonatal intensive care unit nurse Vilma Wong got the most rewarding gift at work. The 54-year-old woman who works at the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, CA, found out the new child neurologist, Brandon Seminatore was a premature baby she took care of 28 years ago reports The Mercury News. Brandon Seminatore was stunned that she would remember him out of all the babies that came through the hospital in 28 years.

Brandon Seminatore The Premature Baby

Brandon Seminatore was born 13 weeks early on April 1990 weighing only two pounds and six ounces. As a premature baby, he was nursed to health in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the hospital under the care of Vilma Wong.

Brandon’s mother, Laura Seminatore, remembered the great nurses at the hospital, “They were the most wonderful nurses. They helped calm a lot of our fears,” she said to The Mercury News.

Laura urged Brandon to ask about the nurses when he told her he was doing a rotation at the NICU. However, Brandon didn’t see the point of asking considering it’s been nearly thirty years and he felt the nurses had retired.

Vilma Wong Noticed the Last Name

Fortunately, when Brandon was checking into the nurse’s station, Vilma remembered Brandon Seminatore’s last name.

Vilma told the Independent,

“A few weeks ago Brandon joined my team and was taking care of one of my patients. I asked him who he was and his name and last name sounded familiar.”

“I kept asking where he was from and he told me that he was from San Jose, California, and that, as a matter of fact, he was a premature baby born at our hospital.”

“I then got very suspicious because I remember being the primary nurse to a baby with the same last name. I asked him if his dad was a police officer and there was a big silence and then he asked me if I was Vilma.”

“I said yes.”

Brandon was taken back that Vilma who’s seen thousands of babies working as a nurse at the same hospital for over 32 years would remember him he told the Independent. As a result, Brandon told his mother who sent him pictures of the two when he was a baby.

nurse vilma young
Nurse Vilma Young holding Brandon Seminatore in 1990. Photo: Semiatore family

“I never expected to meet a provider who took care of me when I was a baby.”

“When Vilma recognized my name, I remembered the photos my parents had shown me and it truly sunk in that I was one of these babies. I’ve come full-circle and I’m taking care of babies with the nurse that took care of me.”

Vilma Wong who loves her job and has no plans on retiring said, “As a nurse, it’s kind of like your reward.”

Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital posted this story on their Facebook Page. Many people posted up the stories of their children who were taken care of by Wong. They now refer to her as “Auntie Vilma”.


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