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Olivia Munn signs on to star in two movies

Actress Olivia Munn has just signed on to star in the romantic comedy “Love, Wedding, Repeat.” But that’s not all, Munn was also cast in the drama “The Gateway,” reports Deadline. This year is looking so much better for Munn who had a dreadful last year. After calling out the director of her last movie “The Predator” for letting a sexual offender work with her on set, she felt that she was being punished for speaking up. As a result of her voicing her concern, she felt alone as she thought her co-workers did not back her up. Still, she persevered and now she has two movies lined up.

Olivia Munn will play Dina in “Love, Wedding, Repeat.” In the movie, she reunites with a man named Jack who fell in love with her but lost her. While arranging his sister Hayley’s wedding, the two meet up again and comedy and love ensue.

Dean Craig who wrote the 2007 comedy “Death at a Funeral” will direct the movie.

Munn’s other movie “The Gateway” is a neo-noir thriller about an alcoholic social worker named Parker who has to look after the daughter of Dahlia, played by Munn. When her husband gets out of prison he sucks his family back into the crime world. This causes a problem for Parker who has to straddle the legal line to protect Dhalia and her daughter.

Michelle Civetta who directed “The Executrix” will direct the movie.

Oliva Munn is best known for her role in the HBO Aaron Sorkin show, “The Newsroom.” Before her two latest movies come out, she can be seen on “The Rook,” a show on Starz.

On top of that, Munn was awarded an Apex for Youth Inspiration Award on Wednesday, for being an inspiration to Asian Americans.

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