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Olivia Munn slams fashion blog over criticism of her clothes

Actress Olivia Munn can’t seem to handle any criticism coming her way. Munn went on her social media to slam the writers at a fashion blog called “Go Fug Yourself” for their “snarkiness” and insulting words towards women. So what got Munn all steamed and twisted that she would write an essay calling out writers Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan? Did they fat shame her? Were they racist towards her? No, these two writers had the audacity to criticize her clothing choices. Shame on those two girls.

On April 17, 2019, Olivia Munn attended the 27th annual Apex Inspiration Awards Gala in New York City. She was in hand to receive a special Apex award for being a positive role model for Asian Americans. On that night, she wore a stripped Peter Pilotto suit for the special occasion.

Olivia Munn might have been a fan of what she wore, but the writers at “Go Fug Yourself” were not. On their blog, Jessica Morgan wrote a post titled, ‘If Only I Had a Dollar For Every Time I’ve said, “Oh My God Olivia Munn”,’ which made fun of Munn’s Piloto suit. She wrote, “This is just kinda like she got roped into making a sequel to American Hustle that ended up going straight to on-demand. Things could be worse.”

Munn was not happy with the criticism and took to social media to write an essay about the “ugly behaviors of the @fuggirls.”

In the essay, she first acknowledged that being a public figure made her more open to criticism. However, she felt that Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan took it too far and claimed these two writers were part of a bigger problem of marginalizing women.

“For years, fashion policing celebrity has been an accepted form of mainstream media critique, even though it mainly focuses on females and not men,” she wrote, “which ultimately contributes to the perpetual minimization of women and propagates the idea that our whole worth is predominantly (or singularly) tied to our looks…

“Their blatant hypocrisy is nauseating – they claim to employ some sort of subjective barometer for goodness and beauty even though what they do and write is neither good nor beautiful.”

She continued her essay by claiming the writers played a part “in the suppression of women” and that “Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re not part of the problem. The world woke up in 2017 but you stayed sleeping.” 

It seems Munn intended to call Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan of “Go Fug Yourself” out so that they could get dragged in public.

“Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan probably won’t like this, but they’ll just have to learn that when you come for anyone publicly, you’ve now entered the public domain and you’ve chosen your opponent,” she wrote. “So I’ll give you the same advice that we get: When you’re in the public eye, it comes with the territory.” 

“Cheers and go fug yourself. —OM(peace sign)”

Although some came to the defense of Munn, most people sided with the “Go Fug Yourself” writers.

munn go fug yourself olivia go fug yourself olivia munn go fugg yourself

The most amazing thing about this essay is that Olivia Munn was able to type it patting herself on the back. If you wear dumb looking clothes you’re going to be made fun of. To tie what the writers said about her clothes to the oppression of women is quite the stretch. Those clothes she wore for the event looked like she tore some old Motel 6 curtains and sewed it together. Plz, get over yourself Munn. “Go Fug Yourself” gets the win while Munn takes an L on this.

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