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Pho restaurant owner resigns after calling employee N-word in text message

A Vietnamese restaurant owner has resigned from his job after he was caught referring to an ex-employee as an n-word. Danh Le, 33, who owns “Pho Shack” in Texas has since apologized. Domo Schneckenburg, 26, who was a manager at his business, called out her former employer on Facebook with a screenshot of text messages calling her an n-word and b***h. The post was shared over 10,000 times and has caused a social media backlash.

On March 9, 2019, Domo wrote on Facebook that she quit her job after two years, working for Le at Pho Shack. “…Last night I decided to say goodbye to the establishment. I called the owner and told him that I would be quitting but that I would finish the week out for him. During the call, everything was fine but when updating the other owner about me quitting, This is how he responded. By calling me a “N*****r” and a “b***h” which I did not deserve,” she wrote

Domo Schneckenburg
Facebook: Domo Schneckenburg

“I won’t lie and say I wasn’t surprised by his reaction because I was. It was a rude awakening that the stereotypes between black and Asians are still true, New generation or not. Regardless of how long you have known them, how hard you have worked, how trustworthy you have been, whether or not the family knows you, etc. You’re still a n*****r in their eyes.

“I guess my first sign should have been when the owners would casually say “n***a” until I told them it made me uncomfortable then how they would try to just not say it around me or when I wanted to have a meeting about others saying it but it wasn’t viewed as important so the meeting never occurred. I should have just believed my gut feeling…”

Domo followed this with a picture of the owner and the screenshot of a group text message. In it, Le wrote, “Domo just called and say she quit. I said OK. Thank you. Her last day will be Thursday. Ima call her later and tell her her last day will be today. F*** the n****r Don’t like that b***h attitude anyways. 

“Save more money now

“Saturday and sundays are covered 

“Questioned “F*k the n****r

Domo Schneckenburg replied back, “Lmaooooooo thank you.”

Danh Le wrote back, “Leave the key with Wilber for me. If u want your last check. Close tonight our correctly and professionally.”

Domo closes with, “The N****R says f**k you.”

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Facebook-Domo Schneckenburg

Schneckenburg told Yahoo that she quit because Le would often use the N-word. “When I got the text, I was extremely hurt and angry and I flipped a table over,” she said. “I also called a staff meeting because I wanted everyone to know what the owner thinks of me.”

Danh Le called the police after she flipped the table over. The Sugar Land Police told Yahoo, “The owner said his manager quit but began yelling in a hostile manner, flipping tables over and broke glasses before leaving. The employee was no longer at the location, and the owner did not choose to file charges.

“The owner contacted SLPD again on March 9 at about 6 p.m. and said he was receiving threatening messages from his former employee. SLPD has increased patrols at the business.”

Danh Le went on Facebook to apologize for his use of the n-word. In a now deleted post, he apologized and explained that he used the n-word because that’s the environment he grew up in. “I grew up in an environment that allowed ignorance to prosper, allowing the N-word to be used casually amongst friends, and it remained a part of my vocabulary until now, but that stops here,” he wrote. He said that his temper got the better of him and that he wasn’t a racist. He goes on to say that he “no longer has the right to represent the company,” and that he will resign.

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Facebook-The Pho Shop -Captured by Yahoo

Danh Le told Yahoo, “I will never use that word again.” He said that Domo was “disrespectful” when she quit, nevertheless, he shouldn’t have used that word. “I have worked with Domo for two and a half years — if I were racist, she would have left a long time ago,” he said. Le did admit that the n-word did slip out at times when they were working together. “I have apologized to Domo, my black employees, and my brother and co-owner, who want nothing to do with me. I am very, very sorry and I will never do this again.”

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