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Pissed off customer shaves his barber’s head after he gets bad haircut

A customer in Chongqing China was so pissed off about his haircut he grabbed his barber and shaved his head off. CCTV caught the incident as the customer surnamed Chen grabbed his barber and threw him into the seat. From there, Chen shaved off the barber’s hair with buzzers, reports the Daily Mail.


Before Chen lost his temper, CCTV caught him looking at his phone and pointing at a picture. Chen was angry that his haircut didn’t look like the one in the picture. Not satisfied with his new haircut, Chen got physical with the barber surnamed Li. He tries to pin Li down into a barber’s seat while yelling, “sit down, sit down!” Li struggles and puts up a fight but is no match for the angry customer.

Chen, overpowered by the bigger man,  takes a seat as the customer grabs an electric razor and shaves the man’s hair off. Li watches helplessly as clumps of hair fall to the floor.

Police caught the customer and he told them, “I forced him to sit in a chair. He tried to get away but I pulled him back into the seat.”

I totally understand this guys anger at his barber. I can’t count how many times I got a messed up haircut, but I didn’t go crazy. But I’m spineless so I usually thank my barber, tip the man generously, go into my car, and make sure the barber isn’t near when I start cursing. Only if I had more guts I would give him a mean look and maybe complain. Still, I wouldn’t touch the man or anything like that.

From watching the video, the customer’s haircut looks decent. The barber gave him a nice Kim Jung Un fade that’s all the rage these days. The big problem is that he brought a picture of someone else rocking the haircut he wanted. The customer should have known better than to think the barber will get close to whatever celebrity he had on this phone. Celebrities are good looking while this guy looks average at best. The barber doesn’t do miracles.

Trust me I know. I told my barber to give me the Godfrey Gao haircut and I came out looking like Gilbert Gottfried, but that’s neither here nor there.

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But boy was I mad, nevertheless, I learned a valuable lesson. Just go to your barber with realistic or even low expectations and you won’t be disappointed. Now I ask for the Gilbert Gottfried haircut and I feel fine and have no urge to exact revenge on my barber.

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