Pizza Hut in S. Korea is using robots to deliver pizza

robot pizza hut server


A Pizza Hut in S. Korea has hired a robot to server their pizzas to customers in Mok-dong, Seoul. The robot will have a test run for three weeks to see if it can handle the job reports LABS SEOUL.

The robot named “Dilly Plate” was the brainchild of Woowa Brothers, a South Korean technology company, best known for its food delivery app, Baedal Minjok.

In an interview with Korea Joongang Daily, The CEO of Woowa Brothers, Kim Bong Jin is using the robot as an experiment to see how robots and humans work together. He hopes to one day have robots all over, not just in restaurants to assist humans in the workplace.

“I want to have robots deliver not only food but also food ingredients, products sold at convenience stores, medicine and even newspapers. On their way back from delivering, robots could pick up recyclable waste from customer’s houses and throw it away. If consumers no longer have to buy a large amount of products at once at a supermarket thanks to delivery robots, the capacity of refrigerators would also be reduced.”

At this time the robot can only take the pizza to the table while another server lifts it off the robot and puts it on the table.

pizza hut robot

He sees this as just the first step. Eventually, the robots will be able to serve the pizza and bring back used plates and clean up the trash.





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