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Police look for Liverpool fans who shoved men into fountain

Liverpool fans went crazy just before Wednesday night’s Champions League Soccer match. On Tuesday, in Barcelona’s Placa Reial, things turned really ugly when one of the hooligans shoved an old Asian man into the square’s fountain. The incident was caught on video and has sparked outrage. The old Asian man is seen coming out of the fountain soaking wet as the crowd laughs at him. The man goes to confront the person he thinks shoved him, but a group of men starts taunting him by calling him “Mr. Miyagi.” This ugly incident and the rowdy crowd has Spanish police looking for the men that were responsible.

In the same square, another hooligan was caught on video throwing a man selling beers into the fountain, reports SCMP. Once again the crowd starts cheering on the idiotic antics and laughing at the victim.

Barcelona police were called to the scene to break up the morons when the mob started throwing objects and beer cans at the officers. Police confiscated over 3,000 cans of beer. According to Deadspin, six Liverpool fans were arrested in connection to the incident.

Liverpool fans’ did not just cause havoc at Barcelona’s Placa Reial. A couple of Liverpool hooligans attacked two hotel workers at a nearby hotel. The workers needed medical attention and two other people were injured because of the fight that broke out, reports Mundo Deportivo.

Riot vans arrived at the Placa Reial to contain the Liverpool fans. They funneled the idiots down La Rambla street to break up the groups. The fans chanted their soccer club chants as they walked down the street.

Liverpool put out a statement on their website condemning what happened in the square. “Liverpool Football Club is working with Merseyside Police and the authorities in Spain, who are endeavoring to identify those involved in the incident.

“Such behavior is clearly totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. 

“It would be inappropriate to comment further while the situation is ongoing other than to confirm the club will follow due process in any and all cases of this nature.”

These people are human trash. Who messes with and throws an old man in a fountain? Just absolute vile scum.

Spanish Police and Merseyside Police are looking for the rest of the perps.

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