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‘Possessed’ Australian man found guilty of bashing Korean Woman Eunji Ban to death

Alex Reuben McEwan, who claimed he was possessed by a demon during the time of the murder was found guilty of murdering Eunji Ban in Brisbane Australia. He claimed that he could not stop himself from killing Eunji Ban. Shortly after he was arrested he was diagnosed as schizophrenic.

The morning of the murder

On November 2013, Eunji Ban, 22,  an exchange student from Korea, was walking to work in the early hours of the morning when Alex McEwan hit her over the head. She yelled for help but McEwan repeatedly punched and stomped her face. After, he carried her up some stairs and left her dead body under a tree. Ban officially died from drowning in her own blood due to the severity of her beating.

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The confession

McEwan confessed to the murder in a chilling police video recorded shortly after he was arrested obtained by, which can be seen here, when questioned about what happened he said,

“I bashed the s**t out of her face.”

The police officer asks, “Why?”

In which McEwan responds with,

“Like I said I didn’t actually do it. I didn’t think of… I don’t know how to explain it. A f**king demon. It’s been troubling me my whole life.”

The officer asks, “Why the girl?”

McEwan responds with,

“She’s the first person I saw.”

The officer asks, “Did she say anything?”

McEwan respond with,

“No, she just screamed for help.”

McEwan confessed to killing Ban but under the effects of schizophrenia. He claims a demon he’s known his whole life he calls “Jazzy” made him do it and he was not capable of stopping himself from murdering ban.

The trial

Prosecutors argued that McEwan was using his disease as an excuse for his murder. The defense claimed he was unfit for trial due to his schizophrenia. Three different psychiatrists told the court that they didn’t believe McEwan was under the effects of schizophrenia at the time of the murder. It didn’t take long for the jury to find him guilty of murder.

Ban’s family flew from Korea to Australia to attend the trial.

eun ji bans parents
Eunji Bans parents photo courtesy of AAP

Speaking outside the court through a translator, Ban’s mother told reporters,

“Nothing can bring you back, it’s been four years and nine months, it was a lifetime for us, it’s been devastating.”

Ban’s father said,

“We were willing to forgive him, but what we saw in court, the way he carried on we felt that he was full of excuses, we didn’t see a genuine regret remorse and apology.”

Justice Atkinson said,

“You decided to go out and kill someone. You picked out someone for no reason at all, apart to act on your violent and sadistic urges and committed the most brutal, horrible crime.”

McEwan who is now 25 got a mandatory life sentence. He will be up for parole in 2033.

For more in depth coverage check out 9News Australia.

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