Pregnant Filipino Radio DJ Calls Out Body Shamer

Pregnant Filipino Radio DJ


Emmylou Gaite-Tinana, also known as DJ Nicole Hyala, was attacked over social media for posting pregnant pictures of herself. The pregnant Filipino Radio DJ, who works for Love Radio, is expecting a second child. She decided to show off her professionally shot pictures of her stomach over her Instagram NicoleHyala.

Pregnant Filipino Radio DJ

Pregnant Filipino Radio DJ

She wanted to show off the beauty of pregnancy but she got hate from a man who goes by the Instagram handle @patrickliamezzeden, reports Coconuts Manila.

He wrote in a mix of English And Filipino, “Hello, it’s not wrong to post our photos on social media, but you’re not pretty and your belly button is ugly.”

It didn’t end there. He went on about how ugly she is. “I mean no offense to you but we are living in a social media world where people can be nasty to other people and for sure, you are also nasty.”

“Secondly, you’ve got the nerve to show the world how ugly you are, I mean come on, let’s just face it you’re just ordinary looking.”

“Third, don’t dare to call yourself a queen because you don’t even have the beauty. My gosh, there are no ugly queens and most of all, queens have clean belly buttons. You’re crazy.”

He ended his hateful comment with the hashtag #ligwakpusodqueen which translates to “queen of the protruding belly button.”

Not one to just take it, DJ Nicole Hyala copied his comment and put it over a picture of herself and wrote a powerful message addressing the man and other body shamers. In her lengthy post, she said that hateful comments can lead to “deep mental scars”. She also noted that “Face-shaming is horrible in itself, but I think body-shaming a pregnant woman is too much.” She also said that as a public figure she understands that she will be criticized but it can go too far. Furthermore, Hyala goes onto say her photographer asked her if she wanted to edit out her belly button but she said, “No,” because she “embraces” the changes to her body.

She addresses her hater Patrick at the end of her comment by stating that she hopes his mother never goes through body-shaming. Hyala also tells him to be careful because “words can kill or heal.” Check out the post below for her full powerful message.

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WARNING : LENGTHY POST ON BODY AND FACE SHAMING Before social media, bullying was something that can only be done face-to-face. However now, someone can be bullied online anonymously. These online attacks sometimes lead to deep mental scars. I get these attacks. Everyday. Since I made necessary management decisions in July. I know that there are many more who love me, compared to those who attack me. I am sure of that. Very sure. Face-shaming is horrible in itself, but I think body-shaming a pregnant woman is too much. The nature of my job makes me an easy target for criticism. I understand that. But I do not deserve it. Especially not for the changes that occured as I grow a human being inside my body. Hamakin niyo na ako sa lahat ng aspeto. Wag lang sa pagiging nanay ko. Dahil sumusobra na kayo. When my photographer asked if my belly button should be edited, or flattened out, I immediately answered with, "No." I embrace all my body changes including developing umbilical hernia from my 1st pregnancy. And if having more children will make my body go through more changes, then I will be more than willing to embrace them. Having a baby is a blessing, a miracle in itself. And to you Patrick (even if this is just a poser account), I hope that your mother will NEVER have to go through body-shaming. I pray that you will be careful with your words next time. Because words can kill or heal. Ending with this quote from Dr. Steve Maraboli – "When you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn't define her. It defines you."

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It didn’t take long after her words that @patrickliamezzeden deleted his Instagram account. Additionally many came to her defense and told her how amazing she was for standing up to a bully.

@bheng_roy wrote, “There is nothing more beautiful than being a mother… 😗Dont mind the bashers, they just don’t know what it feels like having that wonderful human being inside you. Be brave…sending you my virtual hugs 🤗”

@mittsareoff wrote, “You’re a mother. That’s enough to be a queen. Hats off to you and to all proud mothers out there! You’re an inspiration to a lot of people, spreading positivity every morning is not even a queens job, but a hero.”

@joy_dg8 wrote, “@nicolehyala I will give anything even being bashed just to experience the miracle of having my own baby. Know that you are one of the women who are blessed to have not just one, but two! Continue to spread awareness that a pregnant woman’s body is to be highly admired and appreciated! Congrats to you! I pray for your safe delivery and for a healthy baby boy! And to you patrick whoever you are! I pray that you will be enlightened! I pray that you will realize what you have done is a big mistake!”

@ako_sidedday wrote, “I think that person should go back to his/her mother, and asked her to teach him/her some good manners! Body shaming and criticizing a pregnant women, is unforgiveable! Shameful… Such a douchebag😤😤😤”

Her post has received over 11,500 likes and over 1500 comments so far.

It’s pretty low to make fun of a pregnant woman. I swear that Patrick guy must be some miserable fool. Women can’t all be supermodels like Kelsey Merritt, but women are beautiful in their own individual ways. Additionally, why would you go out of your way to hate on someone who’s carrying a baby? Some people are just awful!


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