duterte trash
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President Duterte makes Canada take back their filthy trash

Canada is finally going to take back their filthy trash they dumped in the Philippines. It only took the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte,  to threaten war if they didn’t come get their trash. “We’ll declare war against them,” Duterte said, two weeks ago at a press conference. “I want a boat prepared. I’ll give a warning to Canada, maybe next week, that they better pull that thing out – or I will set sail. I cannot understand why they’re making us a dump site.” The Prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, didn’t want that smoke, so the Canadian government decided to shoulder all costs to ship their trash back to Canda, reports Philstar Global. Good thing too, because Duterte gave Canada until May 15 to take back their trash.

duterte trash
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Back in 2013 and 2014, the Philippines agreed to take some of Canada’s trash as long as it was recyclable plastic. But a Canadian company sent more than that. They sent 103 shipping containers of waste containing electronics, adult diapers, kitchen trash, and other non-recyclables. The containers have stayed on Manila’s shipping ports since their arrival and Rodrigo Duterte was furious. And why wouldn’t he? The trash amounted to around 2,500 tons and Canada wasn’t doing anything about it.

Whenever Justin Trudeau visited the Philippines he was pressed on the matter. Trudeau ignored it and brushed it off, while officials from the Philippines grew more frustrated.

Even a Canadian law firm agreed with the Philippines. They said that it violated the International Basel Convention, which makes it illegal for a developed country to dump their hazardous materials into a less developed country.

The Philippines presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said, “The president is firm that we are not garbage collectors, thus he ordered that the Philippines will no longer accept any waste from any country.”

Good job on President Duterte for not taking any trash from anyone. He’s a crazy, sexist, problematic President, but he came through on this one.

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