Rodrigo Duterte penis

President Rodrigo Duterte brags about the size of his penis

The president of the Philippines is at it again. Rodrigo Duterte has a penchant for letting his mouth run and has said some outrageous things in the past. He’s admitted to sexually assaulting his maid when he was younger, called Catholic priests “gay”, and insulted women at a conference that was supposed to honor women. This is on top of his war on drugs that led to thousands of Filipinos being murdered on the street. So bragging about his penis shouldn’t be much of a surprise. It’s actually surprising he hasn’t talked about it earlier in his campaign. Rodrigo Duterte didn’t just talk about the size of his penis, he talked about the direction it points, reports Coconuts.

rodrigo duterte penis

At a campaign on Thursday at the Puerto Princesa City Coliseum in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, in the Philippines in front of thousands, Duterte bragged about his impressive manhood. But before he talked about his meaty member, he wouldn’t be Duterte if he didn’t at least insult someone. So he called senior candidate Chel Diokno “ugly” then he went onto ridicule small penises.

Duterte claimed that even if a man was good looking, if he had a small penis it just won’t be enough. That’s why he said that he would be miserable if he had a small penis.

“If God gave me a small penis, I would have cut it in front of the altar,” Duterte said. “Son of a b***h, is this all you have given me?”

He went onto brag about how people would admire the size of the penis when he walked around naked. “My towel, I won’t [wrap it around me]. I will just walk towards them [naked], they would admire me. [They’d tell me] ‘Son of a b***h, Duterte, you’re so hard,” he said.

The crowd laughed and ate it up.

Duterte grabbed the microphone, pointed the head to the sky, then told the audience the direction his erect penis pointed when he was younger. “When I was young, [my penis] almost looked up to the sky,” he said.

And he thanked his father for his impressive manhood. “I’m very thankful to my father,” he said. “At least he let me out into the world highly equipped.”

Following his proclamation, he talked about his sexual prowess when he was younger. “They ran away. [They said, referring to me] ‘We don’t like him. That skinny guy. He won’t stop[having sex.],” he said.

So there it is. So far we know that Rodrigo Duterte hates drug dealers, hates the Catholic Church, is sexist, thinks God is stupid, and now and most importantly he has a big penis.

Why not, if a guy has an eggplant why not let people know.

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