Rodrigo Duterte misogyny

President Rodrigo Duterte insults women at an event to honor women

Old Rodrigo Duterte is at it again with his misogyny. The loud-mouthed president of the Philippines, who usually hurls his insults against the Catholic Church, has shot his mouth off against women. He didn’t just insult them, he insulted them at a conference that was supposed to honor them. On Monday, at the “Outstanding Women in Law Enforcement and National Security of the Philippines,” he referred to women as “puta,” according to the Guardian. “Puta” is a Spanish word meaning whore.

But that wasn’t his only insult to the female audience of military and police. He also said, “you crazy women,” and complained that they are “depriving me of my freedom of expression,” because “You criticize every sentence or word I say.”

It wasn’t all insults though, at one point he declared his love of women. “I love women. That’s why you see I have two wives. That means I like women,” he said. What a gentleman.

This isn’t the first time people have accused Rodrigo Duterte of misogyny. According to The Washington Post, back in 2018, he told his soldiers to shoot communist female rebels in the vagina because without their vaginas they would be “useless.”

In 2017, he said, “I will be imprisoned for you. If you rape three [women], I will say that I did it.” Rodrigo said that he would take responsibility for any rapes when parts of the Philippines were under martial rule.

In 2016, he talked about a 1989 prison riot which led to an Australian missionary’s death. In the aftermath, several inmates raped her after she died. Duterte said that he wished he was there so that he had the opportunity to rape the woman.

On March of this year, thousands of Filipino women took to the streets on International Women’s Day to protest Rodrigo Duterte and his misogyny. Duterte did not have a response to this protest but I’m pretty sure he would have had something nice to say.

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