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President Rodrigo Duterte Says Catholic Priests Should Have Boyfriends Because “Most Of Them Are Gay”

The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has called out the Catholic Church once again. On Friday, he said that the Catholic Church should allow priests to have boyfriends because most “priests are gay.” At a school opening in north Manila, Rodrigo Duterte launched into a tirade against the priests for some unknown reason, reports the Independent. “Only I say bishops are sons of b***hes damn you. That is true. Most of them are gay. They should come out in the open, cancel celibacy and allow them to have boyfriends.”

Although it is unknown why Duterte went on his recent tirade against the church, it is believed it is due to criticism he has been receiving from the church because of his drug war. Just last month he said, “These bishops that you guys have, kill them. They are useless fools. All they do is criticize.” The church has called for an end to the bloody drug war which has caused 5000 people to be murdered.

Since then Rodrigo Duterte has called the church “hypocrites” for the sex scandals plaguing the church. He also called the Christian God a “stupid son of a bitch” and “silly” for dying on the cross when he could have “zapped” his way free. Additionally, he has claimed he has been sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest when he was a kid.

Francis Lucas, a Catholic Bishop in the Philippines told Reuters, “We have to be more sensitive to the sensitivities and sensibilities of others out of respect.” He asked everyone to show restraint and downplayed the President’s remarks.

At any rate, President Duterte is still a practicing Catholic but one that believes in his own God. Not the silly one most in his country believe.

I don’t know if most Catholic priests are gay, but I agree with Rodrigo Duterte here that they should not have to be celibate.

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