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Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang to use 3D hologram in campaign

2020 Democratic presidential hopeful, Andrew Yang, is gaining momentum as the primaries near. The entrepreneur is best known for two campaign proposals. The first being universal basic income(UBI) which is giving poor people a $1000 month. The second is his warning of the threat of automation. This comes at a time when tech companies are ramping up their robotics industry hoping to replace workers. This along with several other proposals have created a cult following for Yang. His supporters call themselves the “Yang Gang” and they are helping bring awareness to his campaign through social media. But his latest idea might help win more young voters. Andrew Yang went on TMZ Live and unleashed his 3D hologram rapping along with 3D hologram Tupac, reports The Hill.

The reason for Andrew Yang and his hologram is simple. He explained that the hologram will give him the capability to speak to multiple crowds at once.

“We are exploring rolling a truck out that would enable someone to see a hologram of me that is three-dimensional give my stump speech,” Yang told Carroll Times Herald. “And, also, if I were in a studio, which we could set up very easily, I could beam in and take questions live.”

Yang noted that he would like to incorporate “pop-culture and other figures” to make the interaction “fun and entertaining.” He thinks the holograms will be great because people will be able to see his whole body and his gestures. Plus its really cool technology.

Still, he said that in no way is the hologram going to reduce or stop him from appearing live. This is just a supplement to his campaign.

Even with the hologram, the 44-year-old New York resident has a difficult path to victory. He’s up against 15 other Democratic candidates including, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and the latest newcomer Pete Buttigieg. And right now he’s near the bottom of the pack in the latest polling numbers at 1.2% while Joe Biden leads the way with 31.2%, according to RealClear Politics.

Check out Yang at a CNN presidential Town Hall below.

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