Racist White Woman Apologizes For Racist Incident In Oregon That Went Viral

Sierra Dawn Measelle, who was caught spewing racist remarks at an Asian Woman last week, has taken to her Instagram to issue an apology. For a detailed account of the incident click here. Sierra Dawn Measelle was recorded on video by her victim, a Filipino woman named Selina Cairel, disparaging her for being Asian. Before the video starts, Selina describes what happened, “Next thing I know I heard her say in the most annoying stereotypical Asian accent, ‘she’s Asian, she can’t see. That’s why she can’t drive.’” Sierra continues her racial diatribe by saying, “Before you say anything you might want to make sure you’re actual legals,” and “You’re illegals crossing the borders”. The video which Selina posted on her Facebook went viral and that’s when the internet found out who the racist woman was.

It didn’t take long before the internet found out the racist woman was a stripper named Sierra Dawn Measelle. They found out her address, her phone number, where she worked and started to post that information online. Sierra was harassed and received threats following the release of the information.

Sierra Dawn Measelle has finally responded by apologizing on her Instagram.

“I’d like to again offer my sincere apology to Ms. Cairel and I am sorry for the ignorant, hateful comments I made to her and her friend. I’m ashamed that I let my emotions get the best of me and I reacted in such a hurtful manner that goes completely against my beliefs and morals. I’m extremely disappointed in myself and my lack of empathy.

I plan to transform this negative situation into a positive learning opportunity and I hope that people who casually and carelessly use racist language will learn from my mistakes, as I have learned that these words and actions cause others much pain. I also want to say I’m sorry to all the people affected by my comments and especially my friends, family and place of employment for the harassment they’ve received over this. This incident has definitely allowed me to see how my behavior contributes to racism and how I can and need to do better going forward.”

Sierra Dawn Measelle

Selina Cairel told the KATU news, “In the span of 90 seconds she disrespected me, my family, and my whole entire race.”

When asked about the threats and harassment Sierra got, Selina said, “That’s terrible. That’s something I really really didn’t want to happen, especially to her. I apologize for people threatening your life and families and everything. I hope she’s okay.”

Selina Cairel
Selina Cairel Photo: KATU

Finally, they asked her if she would forgive Sierra, and Selina said she would in time.

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