Redee Skin Patch Cures Asian Glow Allegedly

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A lot of Asians who try alcohol find themselves glowing like a ripe tomato. Their face and body turns red, they get a little flustered, and some even experience a fast heartbeat. It’s affectionally called the “Asian Glow” and if you are Asian you probably have it or know someone who does. We laugh about it and trade war stories.

I am a victim of “Asian Glow” and it has affected me since I began drinking. It only takes a couple sips of beer and I’ll light up like a neon sign outside a late night Chinese restaurant. But there is a cure now allegedly.

The company Redee Patch founded by Ryan Lee offers a solution to that embarrassing alcohol flush. It claims, “Redee Patch delivers vitamins, antioxidants, and plant extracts while you drink, allowing you to finally enjoy alcohol without getting red, hot, and uncomfortable.”

Redee Patch sells skin patches you stick onto your body 30 minutes before you drink to prevent “Asian Glow”. It has an antioxidant called Gluthaione that neutralizes acetaldehyde, the toxin that causes “Asian Glow”.

Anyone can suffer from “Asian Glow” but it mostly affects East Asians. Nearly 40 percent of East Asians have a mutated gene that prevents the breakdown of acetaldehyde. While most sufferers believe it’s just a superficial embarrassment to their night, it can actually cause serious health problems. A study in Japan conducted research with people suffering from “Asian Glow” and found that they have an increased risk of esophageal cancer. Additionally, a recent study from Cambridge found that sufferers of “Asian Glow” had 4 times more DNA damage.

Ryan Lee told the Daily Mail, “Since I can remember in college, drinking was always something I never quite understood why I reacted so differently from everyone else.

“My life hack was using Pepcid and that was working. But when it stopped working for me, I realized it was a bigger problem”

So Lee found some alcohol metabolism researchers and they came up with the Redee patch. And so far it seems they are getting glowing reviews.

Melissa Lee, CEO of the Green Program, told the Daily Mail, “Before the patch, I would just get really uncomfortable reactions to alcohol that look like itching almost. A headache, nausea and this is just two sips of beer … I just put one on and I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have any of those side effects anymore.”

Robbi from New York wrote, “So the first time worked perfectly actually. I put it on the left side of my chest 30 minutes before I was about to go out to a bar. I had about 3 shots of vodka and usually, that would make me very red. When I had the patch though, nothing happened! I was surprisingly not red!”

However, Youtuber Maggi Mei tried the product with a friend and recorded themselves drinking it up. For them, unfortunately, it did not work.

Before Alcohol
After Drinks with the Redee Patch on

Check out the video below:

I don’t know if it works or not but I might give it a try just to see if it works or not. I don’t usually take Pepcid because I don’t care if my face looks red after a drink. I’m too busy trying to not look stupid by falling into a ditch or something. People whining about Asian glow actually annoy me. If you’re that embarrassed by it just keep drinking until your s**t faced drunk so that your too drunk to even notice. That’s what I would do.



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  1. Hey Katy! Thanks for the awesome piece on Redee Patch. If you reach out I’d be happy to send you some samples to try! And to address your last point – I totally get that you don’t mind looking red. Looking red, however, is just one aspect of what we’re trying to help people with. I personally think the bigger problem is how the Asian Glow makes you feel internally. The extreme heat in your face, the headaches, the nausea…all after just half of a drink for a lot of us. I think that’s what so many are complaining about, not just their external appearance. We’re on a mission to help people be able to enjoy a drink or two without feeling that way – and not look red in the process!

    – Ryan

    • You’re right that the red face is the least of the problems. I definitely think that if the Redee patch helps with the more dangerous aspects of Asian flush then it’s a great product. I don’t drink as much these days but if I do I’ll definitely give it a try. Great job with the product. I wish you continued sucess.

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