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Robot Dinosaurs Checks You In Japanese Hotel

Imagine checking into a hotel and you’re greeted by robot dinosaurs. Sounds crazy but that’s what a hotel called the ‘Henn na Hotel’ in Tokyo Japan is now doing. The owners decided that the whole hotel would be run by robots with very minimal human help.

When you first step into the hotel, you’re greeted by two robot dinosaurs that look like velociraptors but dressed in bellboy uniforms. They greet you and you interact with it through a touchscreen while the robot dinosaur talks to you in your native tongue.

Definitely a little freaky having a murderous lizard greet you in a calm matter. The manager Yukio Nagai told the National that some of the guests, ‘find it slightly unnerving.’

Once you get to your room you get your own personal egg-shaped robot that helps you with whatever you need.

egg shape robot

From setting your musical preferences to changing channels.

The first of now eight ‘Henn na’ Hotels opened in 2015. A year later Guinness World Records designated the hotel as the first hotel with a robot staff. Humans are available but only when the robots malfunction. Robot greeters in Japan and sex dolls in Canada, at this rate there really won’t be any jobs for Humans.

Check out the video by CGTN below:



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