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Ronny Chieng makes a hilarious case for why Asians should run the United States

Comedian Ronny Chieng is on fire lately. The 33-year-old was seen last year in the hit movie “Crazy Rich Asians” and has been cast in the pilot for the CBS dramedy “Super Simple Love Story.” This is in addition to his stand up career and being a correspondent for the Daily Show. As a result of working on the Daily Show, Chieng has to keep up with politics and he thinks Asians running the government might be the best solution to this current mess.

On Sunday, Chieng visited Cornell University and performed at the Statler Auditorium. He did not hold back as he did his set which addressed critics and his reason for working at the Daily Show, according to The Cornell Daily Sun. Another topic Chieng broached was the subject of Asians in American politics. He joked it was a great idea and one way out of this current mess.

“We are the only objective referees,” he said. He noted that Asians would look at every problem “with no agenda, just pure logic.

“Imagine the power of Asian people in government. Government shutdown? There’s no government shutdown with Asian people in charge. We don’t shut down for anything. We don’t even shut down for Christmas!”

After, he joked about the significance of having an Asian as president of the United States. He imagined the pressures Asian children would have with an Asian person in the white house. Acting as a father towards the crowd, Chieng said, “Hey, listen buddy. You don’t have to be just a neurosurgeon.”

Even though Ronny Chieng wasn’t born in the United States, he seems to know more about America than the common citizen. For this reason, Chieng brings an outsiders take on the United States. He’s a Malaysian Chinese, who was born in Malaysia, raised in the United States and Singapore, and attended college in Australia. While in college, he started to do comedy and found his passion. He moved to New York City in the hope that he can further his comedy career. And now he’s killing it.

All hail Ronny Chieng

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