S Hook Sales Lady Signs Talent Contract Following Viral Video

S Hook Sales Lady


30-year-old, Lerine Yeo, aka S Hook Sales Lady, the top ah lian, has been the talk of Singapore after her video of herself trying to sell a black t-shirt with holes and hooks has gone viral. Yeo started out selling clothes with a pushcart at Singapore’s West Coast Plaza for three years before she decided to sell her products online. She set up a Facebook page named Misshopper Boutique to sell her leftover clothes. Yeo saw her online business grow but it wasn’t until she got the wrong clothes she rocketed to internet fame reports the Business Insider Singapore.

The black shirts with the holes were a delivery mistake. She never ordered the one hundred black “holey” shirts but she had 1000 viewers waiting on her so she decided to improvise. Yeo put the black shirt on and pitched the black shirts.

S Hook Sales Lady

Grabbing “S hooks”, she started attaching items like umbrellas and pens claiming it would free your hands. She called the shirts, “designer” and said that the shirts were $500 at stores but she was selling it for $9. “Whatever you can hook you can hook…Nobody can you help you no problem you can hook,” she says with a serious face. Yeo ended up selling all one hundred shirts in 15 minutes.

It wasn’t long before the charismatic seller with the hilarious sales pitch got noticed. Her video went viral with over 2,000,000 views and she became an overnight celebrity.

Companies got in the fun. Ikea posted up a Facebook post selling their “S-hook” with the caption ‘For you to “hoot” anything you like’. 

Jollibee Singapore posted a hook through a chicken leg with the words, “We don’t need S-shaped hardware to get you hooked.”

And memes started popping up.

S Hook Sales Lady

S Hook Sales Lady

A local radio station asked her to come down and sell an ugly orange umbrella. Yeo, not missing a beat, went into sales mode and delivered her pitch.

This parlayed into the radio station setting up a challenge between Yeo and local celebrity Mark Lee. The competition would see who could hang the most items on their “holey” black shirts with “S Hooks”. From oranges to orange umbrellas the two of them hooked on as many items as possible.

By the end of the stunt, Yeo had won Mark Lee over. This led to Mark signing her to a two-year management contract reports Asian One.

Mark Lee told the Shin Daily News, “Her sense of humor is very natural. Some people annoy others when they speak Singlish. Unlike other people when they are talking about sex organs, she does not give others the feeling that she is crude or low-class.

 “She is really funny and quick-witted, and it’s really amazing how she can switch here and there between English, Chinese, and Hokkien.

 “We initially joked that she could sign a three-year contract and get two years free, hahaha, but we signed two years plus another two years to try first. After all, she has children and a family,” 



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