Sandra Oh And Her Cute Parents
Photo: Variety

Sandra Oh And Her Cute Parents Stole The Show At The Emmys

Sandra Oh, the Korean Canadian actress, attended the 2018 Emmys with her mother and father. Oh made history by becoming the first Asian woman to be nominated for an Emmy in the leading actress category for her part in the BBC show ‘Killing Eve’. And Oh would have made history once again if she won an Emmy but her luck ran out. Instead, Claire Foy won for her role in “The Crown”. Nevertheless, Claire Foy gave Sandra Oh a special shoutout, “Sandra Oh. I love ya!” 

sandra oh
Photo: BBC Killing Eve
sandra oh
Sandra Oh Attending 2018 Emmys Photo: MATT BARON/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

Even though she didn’t win any awards she gets to say she had the cutest moment in Emmy history. Sandra brought her parents John Oh and Yeung Nam Oh as her guests and they didn’t disappoint. Her mother wore a traditional Korean outfit, a Hanbok, and in an interview, with Variety she glowed talking about her daughter. When asked by the Variety reporter how proud she was of Sandra, her mother replied, “Oh very much, I’m so proud of her.” The Variety reporter then asks her, “How much do you love her show?” To which Sandra’s mom hugs her daughter making Sandra say with a huge smile, “Oh my God. That happened on film.” Getting praise from an Asian parent in public is harder to get than an Emmy and it beats an Emmy any day of the week.

Naturally, many Sandra Oh fans were not happy with the results.

The touching moment between mother and daughter highlights Sandra Oh’s awesomeness. Sandra has always been positive and persevered in a rough industry especially for Asian women. She’s been nominated numerous times for an Emmy for her previous works but was never able to get that trophy. So good luck next year. You truly are an inspiration and I know you’ll win an Emmy sooner or later.

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