Saudia Arabia Executes Indonesian Maid

Saudia Arabia Executes Indonesian Maid

Tensions are running high between Saudia Arabia and Indonesia following the execution of an Indonesian Maid. Saudi Arabia executed Tuti Tursilawati on Monday for the crime of premeditated murder, reports the Jakarta Post. Tuti was found guilty of murdering her employer’s father by beating him with a stick in 2011.

The mother of one arrived in Saudia Arabia for work nine months before the murder. She feared her employer would rape her. Tuti claimed her employer’s father attempted to rape her and she acted in self-defense. After the murder, Tuti ran away. Nine Saudi men captured and raped her before she was taken into police custody. Tuti said that the employer’s father had a history of sexually abusing her.

The execution comes as a surprise to the Indonesian government. Indonesia’s director for overseas citizen protection said that Tuti was allowed to talk to her mother over video two weeks ago. Tuti told her mother she was doing well and was not worried about the execution.

Saudia Arabia Executes Indonesian Maid

Indonesians are calling for action against Saudi Arabia for another execution without notification. This was the fourth time in three years Saudi Arabia executed an Indonesian without notifying Jakarta.

The Daily Mail reports that Saudia Araba is the world’s biggest destination for Indonesian maids. In 2015, Indonesia banned workers from going to Saudia Arabia after the execution of two Indonesian maids. Saudi Arabia officials beheaded the two women.

The two countries signed a new agreement last month that would help Indonesian workers in Saudi Arabia. “It turned out that Indonesia’s request [to protect the rights of migrant worker] was ignored by executing Tuti?” Wahyu Susilo, the executive director at Indonesia’s Migrant Care advocacy, said calling o the cancelation of the agreement.

Amnesty International Indonesia Executive Director Usman Hamin said, “For umpteenth time Saudi Arabia has hurt the diplomatic ethics of both countries that should have put forth the respect for human rights.”

Saudi Arabia executed Indonesian worker Muahammed Zaini Misrin after he was found guilty of murdering his employer earlier this year. There are over 20 Indonesian workers in Saudia Arabia awaiting execution as of now.

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