Scumbag Rapists Who Targeted Asian Prostitutes Get 200 Years In Jail

Rapists Who Targeted Asian Prostitutes
Fernando Sandel, Joey Cruz, Isaias Rivera (New York Daily News/Jefferson Siegel)


Three rapists were sentenced to a combined 200 years in prison on Friday after they were found guilty of violently raping Asian prostitutes, in New York’s Manhattan Supreme Court. Joey Cruz, 29, and Fernando Sandel, 30 each got 75 years behind bars while Isais Rivera, 35, got 50 years behind bars. All three showed no remorse for their heinous acts. Joey Cruz told Justice Diane Kiesel, “I ain’t no Mother Teresa but I’m not Charles Manson either,” reports the  New York Post.

Rapists Who Targeted Asian Prostitutes
Joey Cruz (NY Post/Erik Thomas)

The three of them were charged with predatory sex assault, conspiracy, rape, robbery, and strangulation. Their first victim was found through When she arrived at the Midtown hotel, her wrists and ankles were tied up with zip ties and then she was pepper sprayed and raped on August 3rd, 2015. A second and third victim was attacked and raped in a similar fashion.

In text messages recovered by the police, Sandel and Rivera discussed the crimes. “About to hit up 33rd street… I need to get that paper and free p***y,” Sandel wrote to Rivera on April 11, 2015, reports the Daily News.

Rapists Who Targeted Asian Prostitutes
Fernando Sandel (New York Daily News/Jefferson Siegel)

“B***h better have money,” Rivera told Sandel in a text weeks later.

Rapists Who Targeted Asian Prostitutes
Joey Cruz; New York Daily News/Jefferson Siegel

To which Sandal responded back, “You crazy bro soon just bring that pepper spray & taser.” 

DA Cy Vance Jr. said in a statement, “The defendants targeted women who they thought would not report these vicious crimes to law enforcement, and throughout these proceedings and trial testimony, they claimed these survivors could not be believed.” 

Vance Jr continued, “We believed them, and continued to fight for them long after the verdict, helping ensure that they secured what they need to recover from this trauma — including housing, immigration assistance, and trauma-informed counseling.”

The victims were not in court during the sentencing of the rapists. Fernando Sandal told the court that he wouldn’t be either if he was falsely accusing someone.






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