Pierre Taki cocaine
Japan Times/Asian Wiki

Sega stops selling video game because of some cocaine use

I didn’t even know Sega still existed but it’s definitely a nice surprise to see the game console still thriving. But I think this Japanese game company is going a little overboard by not selling their upcoming gangster video game called “Judgement” or “Judge Eyes” because of some cocaine use. Masanori Pierre Taki, 51, was arrested Tuesday on suspicions of cocaine use, according to the Japan Times,¬†which prompted the recall of the game.

The game is about a detective fighting criminals in a fake city that is an offshoot of Sega’s Yakuza games.

Pierre Taki voices a character of a gangster in the game, so now because of his alleged cocaine use, Sega is pulling its game back.

Pierre Taki cocaine

Although the video game has been selling in Japan and has already sold to overseas retailers, Sega said that it will no longer produce the game. Sega has also issued an apology for the incident.

Taki has also lost his job at Disney as the voice of Olaf in Frozen 2. Interesting enough he voiced the snowman in the original and now he’s a real-life snowman allegedly. But losing jobs is nothing compared to what can happen to him criminally. If convicted, he can face a maximum penalty of seven years in prison. That’s just rough for some cocaine use but Japan is strict about their illegal drug use.

Seems overblown but cocaine is a hella of a drug.

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