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Serial Rapist Who Targeted Asian Women Caught In NorCal

Roy Charles Waller who is suspected of being the “Norcal rapist” was arrested on Thursday while on his way to work at UC Berkeley. He is believed to have committed at least 10 acts of rape from 1991 to 2006 in six northern California counties. Police were able to capture the man using DNA Waller had left behind reports the Washington Post.

Roy Charles Waller, 58, is married and worked as a “safety specialist” at the University of Californa, Berkeley’s, Environment, Health, and Safety division, for about 25 years. A couple female staff members told the SFGATE that Waller creeped them out. They changed their morning route due to Waller. “We both stopped using that entrance because we felt weird about him,” Xochi Driscoll told the SFGATE.

Detective Avis Beery who’s been working the case for more than 12 years said, “He would enter houses, usually when the victims would be asleep, then overcome and bind the women before sexually assaulting them. Sometimes he’d kidnap them and take them to an ATM to get money out of their accounts; other time’s he’d steal from their homes.” Wallace would stake out his victims for weeks then attack. He would sometimes use a gun and the assault would sometimes last for hours.

His first two victims were white but officials claim from 1996 he exclusively targeted Asian women reports NBC Bay Area news. Since 1996 he’s victimized at least 8 Asian women.

“For 27 years there has been one common thread, his DNA. I have often said in my career that DNA is the silent witness to the truth,” Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said in a press conference. Wallace was located after the police used the company GEDmatch. They did what’s called a “familial DNA search” to find the suspect. With the victims’ description of the rapist, it wasn’t long before they narrowed their suspects down to Wallace. Wallace is charged with 12 counts of forcible sexual assault and if convicted faces a lifetime in prison.

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