Shocking Video Shows Korean Boss Hitting Employee

Korean boss hitting


A shocking video has surfaced of a Korean boss hitting his ex-employee in 2015. In the video, Yang Jin Ho, the manager of a cloud storage company, is seen slapping his ex-employee several times in the face. The video which was obtained by Newstapa has gone viral in Korea. The police are now investigating the matter.

In the video, Yang Jin Ho is seen walking the former employee to where the other employees are. He tells the ex-employee to get down on his knees.

He starts to berate the ex-employee then tells him to stand up. After the ex-employee stands up, Ho slaps him. The ex-employee stands there terrified as the other employees keep their head down.

Ho asks the ex-employee if he wants “to live”. The ex-employee says nothing, so Ho backhands him.

Ho tells the man to get on his knees and beg for his life. The ex-employee falls to his knees and keeps his head down.

Ho tells the man, “Do it right” then slaps the man on the back of his head. The employee tells him “I will” then he starts crying.

The video which has recently surfaced has the Korean netizens calling for the boss to be arrested and jailed.

Check the video below:

The victim told the news that the abuse started when he started working there. He recalled horrific incidents of abuse to him and the other employees.

Yang Jin Ho
Yang Jin Ho

Employees were forced to go out with Ho after work to get some drinks. Ho would force his employees to drink until they threw up. To make it worse, Ho wouldn’t let his employees go to the restroom when they had to vomit. So the employees had to vomit on themselves. If the employees didn’t drink they were threatened with violence or termination of their job.

The victim found a new job in 2013. Two years later, he left a couple messages on his old job’s message board criticizing Yang Jin Ho. Ho got word of it and called the victim and threatened his livelihood. Additionally, Ho told him that he’ll get his revenge on him.

The victim went back to his old job to apologize to Ho in person. And that’s when the video starts. Ho had another employee videotape the incident so that he had a “souvenir” of the abuse.

The reporter asked the victim why he didn’t report the incident to the police. The victim told the reporter that he was too scared to. He said, “He wouldn’t be punished anyway, he is too rich. The police won’t do anything. The boss has accumulated too much power with his money. The mob boss would get revenge on me.”

The victim has left the city and has been in hiding. He now works in construction to make ends meet. However, he hopes that the video will get the man fired. As for imprisonment of his boss, the victim would like to see that. However, that would mean he would have to file a complaint and at this time he would like to stay anonymous.


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