Sikhs Brawl Over Control Of Temple

sikh brawl


A massive brawl between Sikhs broke out at a Greenwood Temple on April 15. During the time of the brawl, there were around 150 people including children in attendance. Initially, 18 people were charged but now with new evidence from surveillance tapes, an additional 27 more people will be charged for their participation in the brawl bringing the total to 45 reports Fox59. The prosecutor, Brad Cooper said once they went over the footage they were able to identify the additional 27 who participated in the brawl. “Took what we would say is some sort of an aggressive act during it. It wasn’t just self defense, it wasn’t standing by. It was some active involvement in the fight,” Cooper said.

sikhs brawl
Photo: WTHR

The brawl started at the Gurdawara Sri Guru Har Gobind Temple in Greenwood Indiana over who would lead the temple. An election takes place every two years but this time it got a little heated resulting in violence. The brawl captured on videotape shows a large crowd attacking each other.

The police arrived shortly to break the fight up. Most of the people who were involved received minor injuries but Harginder Singh was stabbed in the back and a young 13-year-old girl named Manreet Mahal was peppered sprayed when she rushed inside to help her mom.

“We came here to pray and then we were waiting in my car and I saw police cars rushing in, so I rushed in because my mom was inside and I stood next to a guy that I thought I knew and he started pepper spraying me and the crowd,” Mahal told WTHR. Mahar suffered damaged vocal cords because of the pepper spray which she had to undergo speech therapy for.

Manreet Mahal
Manreet Mahal Photo: WTHR

Prosecutors are charging all 45 members with misdemeanors. Members of the Temple were ashamed that the dispute resorted to violence. “This is not what Sikhs stand for. This was a very isolated and shameful act,” Gurinder Singh Khalsa said to WTHR.

They look forward to moving on from this, “We will forgive them. Once they’ve been take care of by the court they are welcome here,” Singh Khalsa told WTHR


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