Smoking Puppy In Thailand
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Smoking Puppy In Thailand Causes Outrage

A video showing a puppy with a lit rolled cigarette is causing outrage over cries of animal abuse. The two Thai women are being slammed on social media for putting a lit cigarette into the mouth of their baby Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy, reports the Mirror.

In the footage, Rattiyakorn Prangthong and Tango film themselves with their sleeping puppy.

Smoking Puppy In Thailand

They put a rolled-up cigarette in the puppy’s mouth and light it.

Smoking Puppy In Thailand

The cigarette keeps going out so they keep relighting the cigarette.

Smoking Puppy In Thailand

The puppy starts twitching as it inhales the toxic smoke. The women giggle in the background as they poke the puppy.

Smoking Puppy In Thailand

One of the girls pulls on the puppy’s leg, waking it up. The puppy opens its eyes and wakes up, and that’s when the video ends.

Smoking Puppy In Thailand

The video has sparked a nationwide outrage in Thailand. Commenters are calling on the Thai authorities to make sure the puppy and the other pets in the possession of the women are alright. Some are saying that the animals should be taken from the two women.

Tom Sompong Kwang Supawan wrote, “This is a stupid thing to do. If you have a puppy you have to take care of it, not use it like a silly toy to make jokes with. I wish that somebody would take the puppy away from them. I don’t think that’s a healthy thing for it to be doing.”

Another commenter wrote, “Seriously what is wrong with some people.”

While another wrote, “Someone needs to arrest these people.”

Ever since the social media backlash, the two women have responded to the criticism. Rattiyakorn told everyone the dog was fine and they are responsible owners. Additionally, she said, “We haven’t been cruel towards the dog. We have taken care of him and he is healthy.

“We are dog lovers. I understand that everybody loves animals and wants to make sure he is not hurt.

“I’m sorry to all the people who have dogs, too.”

While Tango said,The criticism has had a bad impact on everyone around us and our family.

“It has made us more conscious of the issue.”

It’s a little messed up what they did to the puppy, but it sure is cute with that cigarette in his mouth.

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