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Soccer superstar Son Heung Min says he experienced racism while playing

Korean soccer superstar Son Heung Min was asked if he faced racism while playing in the league. This comes after numerous accounts of racism reported by players across the league this past weekend. The 26-year-old Tottenham Hotspur star answered that he too has suffered from racial abuse, but he doesn’t let it get to him, reports Yahoo.

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A reporter asked Son Heung Min at a press conference his thoughts on racism on the league. “You talk about positivity and how important that is. There is a big story around football at the moment, we’re going to hear from Raheem Sterling later ahead of this match but we’re certain to speak to him about racism,” the reporter said. “In January a fan reported hearing racist chants towards you and of course Danny has been very brave in speaking out. Have you all been talking about this in the dressing room and how are you thinking and feeling about it?”

Son replied that they have talked about racism a few times and said that he too was a victim of racism. “You know the racism you know we’re talking about it a few times,” he said. “You know I’ve seen racism as well when I, since I’ve been playing in England but I think the best reaction is don’t react anything.

I think it’s the best way. We are playing football as a human you know, it doesn’t matter which country you come from which person which human you are. I think it’s doesn’t matter, you know, we are playing football. We play one sport, I think it’s the important things and we should just protect the players who get racism and fight together, it’s the most important things.”

Another reporter asked him more about the racism in the soccer league. “I’m sorry to touch this again but the racism story that is around so much at the moment and the words that Danny said last week. Do the players talk about it at all?” he asked.

“Actually we are not talking about these things because sometimes if you ask certain players maybe they don’t want to talk about it,” Son replied. “You know I think it’s better sometimes if Danny comes to us and of course, we art going to try to help him about that….” 

It’s not really surprising that Son Heung Min experienced racism. Those soccer fans can be quite nuts and out of control. There have been many instances of the crowd chanting racial slurs or even throwing bananas’ at black players.

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