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Some killjoys are suing an Asian woman for her “Flintstone House”

There’s a famous house in the town of Hillsborough in San Mateo, California, that has neighbors quite upset. The house nicknamed the “Flintstone House” after the prehistoric cartoon was built in 1976. In 2017, Florence Fang purchased the house for $2.8 million and was inspired to decorate it. Now those decorations have caused locals to file a complaint against Fang citing that her house is a “public nuisance” and that the “landscape modifications to the home were conducted without planning approvals or building permits,” according to the SF Gate.

Florence Fang
SF Asian Garden

Florence Fang, a Chinese immigrant made her money as a media mogul. Her family owned “The San Francisco Examiner,” “Asian Week,” and “The Independent.” The “Flintstone House” was looking for buyers for two years, according to the Mercury News, when the 83-year-old purchased the cartoonish house and started modifying it. She soon put up 15-foot dinosaurs, a giant metal wholly mammoth, giant mushrooms, a giraffe, and even a “Yabba Dabba Doo” sign. This house was her new art project and she was not done. She plans to purchase a Fred Flintstone car next to put somewhere on her property.

The locals did not appreciate the new additions. They complained that some of her additions to the house created “life safety hazards.” Additionally, it is alleged that Fang put those additions up without the proper planning approvals or building permits.

The complaint said that even though Florence Fang was issued a series of Stop Work Notices, she continued on with the changes to the property. In October of 2018, the Administrative Hearing Panel of Hillsborough concluded that her house was “a public nuisance” and she was fined $200 for a violation of several sections of the municipal code. The panel said the dinosaurs were a “highly visible eyesore” that is “out of keeping with community standards,” according to SFGate. They declared that the dinosaurs had to be removed by December 5, but her dinosaurs are still up. Also, she seems to have ignored the other requirements, leveled by the panel, however, she did pay the $200 penalty.

So now after all this, the city has filed an injunction on Wednesday to try to force Fang to comply and remove her additions. What boring, unimaginative people, just leave the old lady alone.

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