South Korean restaurant has an unbelievable way to bring you food



While I was browsing Twitter @Soul_Dignified posted a video of a South Korean waiter serving food to his customers. The Korean restaurant has invented a new and efficient way to bring food to your table.

When eating Korean food usually your main dish will be served with banchan.

Banchan can consist of many small amounts of food like seaweed and vegetables. But mostly and most importantly kimchi. From non spicy to spicy, lettuce to radish, it doesn’t matter as long as some form of kimchi is at the table. Next, to rice, kimchi is the most important part of the meal to Koreans

This causes quite the headache for the servers because they have to get you your beverage, the main meal, and like thirty different kinds of banchan. Running back and forth from the kitchen to the table can be quite taxing to the body.

Normally a server will bring you food like this:

photo courtesy of the Telegraph

And that’s just the banchan. Look how tired her arms look. She has to now go back and get your main meal. The poor soul.

So this Korean restaurant decided to bring all your food at once by sliding table top. Pretty clever.


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