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Korean streamer Giannie Lee racially abused by Germans in Berlin

A Twitch streamer was racially abused by two German men while filming in Berlin today. South Korean, Giannie Lee, was in Germany filming herself eating when two men invaded her space and pulled their eyes back. The first man sits down next to her and does the slant eye gesture as he mocks the Asian language. “Don’t do it, don’t do it,” Lee says, “that’s racist.” But it falls on deaf ears as the man continues to racially mock her. It doesn’t end there. As the first man leaves, a second man comes and does the exact same thing.

Lee tells the second man, “Hey, that’s racist. I love Germany, don’t become racist please.” She catches the man’s attention and tells him, “be nice, I love German people, be nice.” The man seems to get the message and leaves.

Wow, two people just racially abused her in less than a minute. It’s unbelievable that people think that’s acceptable behavior. Furthermore, they saw her filming and they didn’t care if they were recorded.

giannie lee
Twitter: giannielee

Giannie Lee is visiting Germany from South Korea. She’s staying there for a month. What a way to enjoy the country. She handled the situation better than most. She kept her calm and didn’t break that plate over their heads. So props to her for keeping the peace. Just yesterday on Instagram she wrote, “Wanna live in Berlin forever.” After this incident, she might have a change of heart.

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Wanna live in Berlin forever

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UPDATE – 4-20-2019 – Not even a day passed and Giannie Lee got racially mocked again. This time walking the streets of Berlin, a Turkish man approached her and made fun of her for being Asian.

UPDATE: 4-22-2019 – Giannie Lee has issued a response on her Instagram talking about the racist incident. Although she has been racially mocked in Berlin, she’s loving her stay.

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