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Steven Yeun and his wife get into it with dog owner at Griffith Park

Korean American actor, Steven Yeun is in some heat after an altercation involving dogs in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. According to Koreaboo, Yeun was walking his dog with his wife, Joanna, in Griffith Park when he let it off the leash. The park is an on-leash park leading to the argument between the two parties. The dog ran up to another dog and that’s when the confrontation began.

steven yeun dog

The person, who got into a confrontation with Steven Yeun about his dog needing to be on a leash, wrote in a now-deleted post,

“We had an extremely rude encounter with Korean-American actor, ‘Steven’ and his wife.

We took Louis and Kai to the park for a walk as usual and an off leash dog charging at us. We immediately screamed ‘get your dog, put your dog on a leash!’ The guy came up, picked up his dog and said sorry. We told him that ‘this is not an off-leash dog park and that his dog should be on a leash if it doesn’t know recall’. His wife screamed ‘we come here all the time so don’t tell us how to raise our dogs’. I told her ‘not every dog is ok with off leash dogs especially rescues or those who have been attacked by other dogs before’. The wife said ‘I don’t care, that’s none of my business’.

The actor then said,’ my wife is pregnant. Just leave it. Walk away.’ They then started putting their two dogs on a leash when they saw us calling the park ranger. The clip shows them putting leashes on their dogs while pointing and laughing about this.
As someone who’s suffering from anxiety attacks and also dealing with two rescued dogs that have a lot of anxiety themselves, this situation was stressful and overwhelming. I hope they grow some empathy for rescues and have consideration for others going forward. Never met anyone so rude and uncivilized when they obviously did wrong.”

This seems way overblown. I get that dogs need to be on-leash in designated areas but, once Steven Yeun apologized about his dog, that should have been that. He and his wife put their dog on a leash after the incident. Just move on. What was the point of putting up a post on social media about the whole incident? People get a little too sensitive about their dogs.

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